iPhone and iPad Development Services

Great software, built the right way using agile methodologies.

We are a small NZ based software house with big experience.

Check out our applications or work with us to make your project happen.

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Agile Development Methodologies

Smart development, not hard development

We leverage agile development methodologies to make our development cycle as efficient as possible.  We strive for our development to be;

  • Iterative
  • Test Driven
  • Continuous Integrated
  • Constantly Refactored
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cantat.io Helps with your practice, so you can concentrate on the music.

Introducing Cantat.io, an easy way to organise your practising.

Create practice items using videos, text and images.  Track progress in a variety of ways.

Use smart items to select which items to practice with, and create a detailed practice plan with inbuilt timings.

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